dmaic agile

it provides a set of tools, phases and roadmaps, which can be used by an organization to reduce variation and improve the capability and quality of its processes, products and services. however in order to assess the benefit of adopting six sigma to a software development team, six sigma should be looked at from a different perspective. the trigger which made us think of adopting the dmaic improvement roadmap to the team came after i had a meeting with the product and development manager. this leads to delays in the release delivery as a result of the large stabilization phase, which impacts the product sales and clients.

this leads to delays in the release delivery as a result of the large stabilization phase, which impacts the product sales and clients. eventually, as a result of improving those factors we were able to improve the whole response (y) of our project, which was the number of leaked bugs at the end of the release and the % of stabilization phase vs. the total duration of the release. the typical dmaic roadmap implies a staged model for managing six sigma projects, and this can challenging depending on the scope of the project and how big is the change to be introduced. those sprints were parallel to their product development sprints, and their improvement velocity was measured to indicate progress in the six sigma project. we have realized benefits in adopting six sigma dmaic roadmap as an analytical problem solving method to our agile team, and we benefitted as well from adopting agile practices and techniques to manage our six sigma project itself using the agile-­‐based method “process increments”.

the dmaic methodology is one of the most well-defined, highly disciplined and rigorous way of improving and optimizing business processes. the beauty of dmaic is that it can be applied to all industries and not just manufacturing. it is indispensable for the success of any project to have well-defined charter.

without relevant data, it is next to impossible to successfully deliver the project and achieve the goal. in this scenario, it is ideal to send the project documents in advance to the team members with explanation of what is expected and the deadline to submit the deliverable. it is ideal to identify some quick wins during the project and implement them as this will showcase the power of dmaic and project could reap benefits of improvements implemented during the project duration. dmaic is a great approach that has proven its applicability by improving business processes, making them efficient and effective, impacting the bottom line leading to increased financial benefits.

dmaic is a data-‐driven roadmap for improving existing processes in a way, which removes waste, eliminate agile sigma streamlines the standard dmaic approach for process improvement by combining, replacing and refining while there are many aspects to six sigma, among the most applied concepts is dmaic. it stands for:., .

that’s doing dmaic on a software development process. and this can happen within an agile the dmaic methodology. the dmaic methodology is one of the most well- defined, highly disciplined dmaic is an improvement cycle relative to process engineering. agile is an iterative approach to software development,

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