differentiated target marketing

marketing strategies are designed to create focus and a detailed approach for a marketing campaign. differentiated and concentrated marketing strategies are two possible approaches. a differentiated marketing strategy is when a company creates campaigns that appeal to at least two market segments or target groups. for example, a store can promote a sale that appeals to people in at least two cities or locations, or a company can market a product that appeals to women in at least two age groups. for example, a retailer might market low cost to a budget-conscious segment and product quality to an affluent market segment.

a concentrated marketing strategy is targeted to one specific market segment or audience. concentrated marketing strategies are often geared for smaller groups of people, because they are designed to appeal to a specific segment. basically, in an undifferentiated marketing strategy, marketers use the same message for all segments of the market. assume a restaurant is trying to market its new business. using a concentrated marketing strategy, the restaurant can market its convenient location to a group of residents within 10 miles of the business. using an undifferentiated marketing strategy, the restaurant can highlight its grand opening celebration.

simply defined, marketing is the process by which you communicate the value of your products and services to consumers. the one likely to work best for your business depends on your target market and its needs. your target market is the collective group of consumers who might have a need for your products or services. each segment has distinctive needs and purchasing behaviors. a marketing mix consists of the four ps: product, price, placement and promotion. placement refers to distribution – the locations where your products will be sold and the process you use to get them there. at the center of the marketing mix is the target market.

the undifferentiated marketing strategy focuses on an entire target market rather than a segment of it. this strategy employs a single marketing mix – one product, one price, one placement and a single promotional effort – to reach the maximum number of consumers in that target market. pride and ferrell note, however, that success with undifferentiated marketing also depends on the marketer having the resources and skills necessary to reach a very large audience. each mix includes a product, price, placement and promotional program customized specifically for a particular segment. it could further differentiate by segmenting the gender groups by life stage and creating different marketing mixes around each one. the concentrated strategy provides a third-way solution that allows marketers to target a single market segment with a single marketing mix. on the downside, a concentrated marketing strategy can pigeonhole a company into a single product and market and leave it vulnerable to the effects of changing conditions within that market. her real estate, business and finance articles have appeared on a number of sites, including motley fool, the nest and more.

a differentiated marketing strategy appeals to at least two target groups, while a concentrated market strategy is differentiated marketing occurs when a company creates campaigns that appeal to two or more different target audiences, so what are market targeting strategies? 1. undifferentiated marketing 2. differentiated marketing 3. concentrated, undifferentiated marketing, undifferentiated marketing, concentrated marketing, differentiated marketing advantages and disadvantages, micro marketing.

differentiated target marketing is a process that occurs when an organization simultaneously pursues several different differentiated marketing is a strategy that enables a company companies can easily target those niche markets where competitors do not have suitable offerings to satisfy consumers. a differentiated marketing strategy is one in which the company decides to provide separate offerings to each different,

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