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he explains that this is not a kit of methodology parts for you to implement from scratch; it’s a “set of samples that you adjust to your circumstances”. the basic premise is that the more people you have in the team, the more critical the project and the more regimented the project type is, the more structured and rigid the approach needs to be. osmosis is a way of learning that is passive and subtle – a gradual absorption of information. every member of the team should be able to speak without fear of ridicule or reprisal, whether it be a new idea, a concern or a problem they are encountering.

i shouldn’t have been as crystal was clearly a large part to the writing of the manifesto. is it too similar to the agile manifesto that people don’t think they need both? i’ve barely scratched the surface on his ideas, and would urge you to read about crystal and his other ideas. it was quite a long post (much longer than i like to post), and this only scratched the surface. we’re currently discussing the possibility of alistair coming to do a special one-off session for ladg!

the size of the group matters since the smaller the team, the easier it is to adopt a methodology that works best for the project. it puts more iteration on the people rather than the process and works best when the team is working on projects that are non-critical. crystal clear is just part of the crystal family of methodologies developed by alistair cockburn. he also found that you should pick and tailor the strategy to the group and the task since no best methodology worked for all projects. then, the most fluid methodology of them all he called crystal clear. the idea behind it is that projects outcomes are better when there is a small team of people involved. crystal clear isn’t prescriptive and surrenders many things over to the team to think about them and agree after discourse.

the team should work in the same room. project leaders should set priorities for the project and communicate them clearly to the team. afterward, team members should be given space and time to work on their tasks without interruption. the iteration cycle of the crystal clear methodology alludes to task estimation, development and celebration. when the tasks are completed, the team holds a reflection workshop to go over the process and celebrate the results. crystal clear proves to be useful when the team has assessed most approaches and found them to be excessively constraining, intrusive or troublesome. once that is done, the team now has to use suggestions of the crystal clear methodology to capitalize on their strong points.

crystal clear – human powered methodology for small teams three things software developers must be open about in relation to the project are being able to reveal their ignorance, errors made, although they had different approaches to software development, they all shared certain beliefs. developed by alistair cockburn, crystal clear props a few principles that get a project from a bad in 1991, alistair was tasked with developing the most effective software development methodology., . crystal is an agile methodology for software development. it places focus on people over processes, to empower teams to find their own solutions for each project rather than being constricted with rigid methodologies.

crystal method is a family of methods, developed by alistair cockburn. most lightweight and flexible approaches to develop software. crystal clear is a method and not a standard. the idea behind the crystal methods is that the teams involved in developing software would typically agile software development: crystal clear clear is for teams of 6 people or less . yellow is for teams of,

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