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there’s no shortage of product features that you and your team want to launch in the coming year. fill it in, and you’ll create a high-level overview of all of the features that you have lined up. before you jump right in with the features you’ve been noodling on, start with the basics first. under the team mission section at the top of the template, outline the core purpose that your team is trying to achieve. from okrs and jira links to instructions about where to file bugs, think of this as your chance to get the need-to-know information out there – and save yourself a lot of questions in the long run. instead, turn your attention to planning each quarter under the sections labeled q1, q2, and so on.

now that you’ve broken things down this way, it’ll be way easier to go back and complete the roadmap overview section of the template. use the lanes to capture your different projects, and the bars to show the schedule for the specific features or elements. try to avoid getting too into the weeds and keep this high level. we’ll spare you the cliché about what happens to your best laid plans. as changes occur over the course of the year, return to this template and make any necessary updates. you and your team have tons of product features you want to launch in the next year or so.

when used in agile development, a roadmap provides crucial context for the team’s everyday work and should be responsive to shifts in the competitive landscape. items on the roadmap should be clearly linked to your product strategy, and your roadmap should be responsive to changes in customer feedback and the competitive landscape. internal roadmap for sales: these roadmaps focus on new features and customer benefits in order to support sales conversations. the biggest benefit of the product roadmap is the strategic vision it illustrates to all stakeholders.

once these factors are understood, the product owner can work with their team to start prioritizing initiatives and epics on the roadmap. presenting the roadmap is a great opportunity to demonstrate to key stakeholders that you understand the company’s strategic objectives, the needs of your customer, and have a plan to meet them both. however, on the flip side, you don’t want to spend more time updating the roadmap than is necessary to achieve alignment between stakeholders and within your team. remember, the roadmap is a planning tool to think through how to build great products.

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use our confluence roadmap plugin to create brilliant product strategy and build visual product roadmaps. confluence is a great tool for building an efficient and goal-oriented product roadmap. one page is enough for all conjira – edit jira issues for confluence server from create cool and interactive roadmaps in,

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