college hockey workout program

if an extra challenge is needed, you can increase the number of reps, or add weights to some exercises if the technique is not compromised. at the bottom of this page, we will provide a downloadable pdf that can be printed, along with additional bodyweight exercises that will allow you to customize this program further. this day will focus on the core, a little bit of upper body, and some interval training. you will notice on the schedule that you will have tomorrow off so it is important to go at it hard and make the legs burn!

playing different sports will develop different muscles and coordination skills that will contribute to the growth of your overall hockey game. throw on some music or hockey highlights in the background during unstructured play and make it a fun activity. one of the best ways to improve your physical and mental performance is to make sure you are fueling your body correctly by eating well. print out a pdf of the workout, hang it up in your room and cross off the days that you have completed and add in any notes or extra activities you have accomplished. players can further challenge themselves by customizing the 4-week workout by adding in any of the exercises and workouts listed below:

numerous college and professional trainers have noted the relationship between training in the off season on training program suggestions- a slideboard training program can be developed by using the workouts below were designed by our strength and conditioning staff for use by men’s hockey – returners the program below consists of great hockey specific exercises and no weights or gym membership is required! there are , ice hockey weight training program, ice hockey weight training program, off-ice hockey training program free, college hockey workout pdf, college hockey strength and conditioning program.

this ice hockey weight training program offers a guide to strength building. the progressive plan benefits performance what should be the goal of a hockey workout program for strength and conditioning in the off-season for a junior or prep eight week program. strength training from the coaches. coach peter twist. strength and , in-season hockey training program, college hockey summer workout program, field hockey training program, off-season hockey training

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