certificate in movement therapy

learn how to help others and enrich lives through a fuller experience of embodiment, by employing your love for movement and dance in a therapeutic context. this program provides the very latest, cutting-edge information on the discipline of dance/movement therapy as a mind-body approach in therapy, including key approaches to treatment and intervention techniques. the three-year program meets for intensive one-week experiential learning residencies two times a year, in june and september for dance/movement therapy specific coursework. supervision and resources for internship development opportunities are provided beginning the second year of the course sequence.

as interest in somatic and embodied experience grows in our culture, dance/movement therapy is increasingly sought by clients in individual and group therapy treatment to address a wide range of concerns. clinical interventions are powerful and effective with a wide range of populations across the developmental spectrum. let us help you understand the costs and explore the resources available to help make your college education even more affordable. you may not be sure which federal, state, public and private aid packages – such as loans, scholarships, and grants—are right for you.

our dance movement therapy certification prepares students to help others by harnessing the therapeutic aspect of the dance movement therapy certification course will help you to gain a thorough understanding of the impact that pursue the alternate route to certification we offer all the dance/movement therapy courses required for certification in intensive 2.5 – 7 day classes. the american dance therapy association has approved all of them. students may take as many or as few courses at a time as they wish., movement therapy programs, movement therapy programs, dance therapy certification online, dance movement therapy, movement therapy training.

description of the requirements to earn a dance certificate or dance/ movement therapy certificate. the intention of the embodied flow somatic movement therapy (efsmt) program is to offer the practitioner tools to work with to receive the full movement therapy certification students also have to:. information about the somatic dance/movement therapy program. international somatic movement education and therapy association’s (ismeta) certification as a registered somatic movement , dance movement therapy workshops, dance movement therapy courses, dance therapy training, study movement therapy

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