brand extension strategy examples

a brand is a name that is given to a product or service so that it will have an identity to itself. brand gives an assurance that the product will execute as per the expectations of the customers. branding is a set of marketing and communication methods that will help a company to distinguish it from their competitors. its main aim is to create a lasting impression on the customers. a company which is already branded in the market with a pre-defined image will make use of the same brand name to market a different product category. since the market is already aware of the existing products that are associated with the brand, the new product will reach out faster to the customers. when the same brand is used to launch a product in a different way it is called line extension.

for example, amul launched condensed milk which is an extension of milk; head and shoulders launched many shampoos that cater to different hairs. when the company launches an entirely new product it is called as the product extension. based on the customer group, the product range is extended. based on the expertise of the company, the company launches product category that makes use of the same name. these brands are mainly highlighted with respect to the benefits that they offer to the customers. to summarize, brand extension denotes the process involved when a company uses its influence to launch the new product in a different category. the main logic behind the brand extension is to transfer a network of associations which will drive customers to purchase the new product. let’s stay in touch 🙂

steinfeld has collaborated with some of the most popular artists in the music industry, like zedd, florida georgia line, and alesso, to produce three hit song that have all reached the billboard hot 100 record chart. if they develop a product in a market that isn’t closely tied to their flagship product or core brand, like zippo’s perfume for women, companies can attach undesirable associations to their brand, weaken its existing associations, and hurt its established products’ perceived quality. when you think about it, they extended their brand to the most logical product category possible.

in my opinion, colgate’s decision to enter the toothbrush market was a necessity and one of their best moves, helping them secure the third largest slice of the oral care market. one of these markets was men’s suits, but since their brand was heavily associated with a casual, rugged, and outdoorsy lifestyle, levi’s new product line conflicted with their core identity and failed to catch on. but one product line that isn’t the best fit for their brand is underarm deodorant spray.

brand extension is a strategy used in marketing. a company which is already branded in the market brand extension examples 1. reese’s puffs cereal (the best) 2. aunt jemima’s pancake & waffle the strategy behind a brand extension is to use the real world examples of brand extension. brand, brand extension examples 2020, brand extension examples 2020, luxury brand extension examples, brand extension definition, line extension examples.

four brand extension strategy examples bumble + skincare tesla + auto- insurance 7-eleven + make- examples of successful brand extensions apple – apple began as a personal computer company. google – google brand extension is a marketing strategy used to introduce new products brand extension examples.,

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