bmw brand positioning

by 1971, bmw was enjoying commercial success and began the building of its headquarters in munich, germany. it is the industry standard because it serves to highlight the beauty of the car itself, and consumers have come to expect it. bmw is creating a new racing wheelchair for the paralympic track and field team and has included the team as part of its advertisements (, 2016). both audi and mercedes-benz have declared a goal to unseat bmw as the top luxury car brand by the end of the decade (behrman 2016). bmw is a strong brand and arguably the leader in its class of luxury cars. the innovative technology that is utilized in audi vehicles demonstrates understanding of their consumers and their consumers’ vehicular needs. the new tagline evokes a sense of honesty and trustworthiness that audi hopes to rebuild with its clientele, positioning the company as the one that consumers can believe in (moore,2015).

bmw replaced them in the top spot and mercedes-benz rose to second (rechtin, 2011). lexus strives to understand its clientele and delivers what they want: updates on all-things lexus, a vision for the future of the company and recognition for being a member of the lexus community. they want to give their customers a feeling of connectivity and collaboration between the customer and the brand. this slogan is renowned and a hallmark of the mercedes-benz brand. likely to be buying a car of their own choosing for the first time, they seek a car that reflects who they are and the direction in which they are headed. the current bmw is reminiscent of being a pilot in a cockpit, ready to take off. a bmw is one of the safest in the industry and offers some of the best handling to navigate through any unexpected bumps along the way.

a typical customer of bmw is the one in the mid age (35-50), is excelling in his/her career, have a taste of aspirational products & values his own social status. mission – “the bmw group is the world’s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility”. using the bcg matrix, we can say that bmw group’s automobile business is a star, in terms of large share in the premium market segment and a high growth rate for its models. bmw is considered as one of the leading producers of luxury & state of the art vehicles.

over time however, bmw is leading the market with its innovations in design. bmw is again marketing itself in the premium range to get back the ultra premium market share. one of the key points which makes bmw a unique brand is its promotions. majority of the promotional campaigns of bmw market the products based on their superior technological advantages, design, and how it is meant to be for the premium people. it shows all the cars in their arsenal.

now considered a permanent member of the luxury automaker industry, the bmw brand consists of 4 labels bmw positioning the brand as to create a new category “luxury performance cars “. bayerische bmw targets customers from upper class social group as they are the people for whom bmw will be affordable & moreover they will appreciate the masterpiece. the global frontrunner, bmw has positioned itself as a symbol of quality, technologically advanced, high performance & exclusive automobile brand., mercedes benz brand positioning, mercedes benz brand positioning, audi brand positioning, psychographics of bmw, bmw targeting. the current brand positioning of bmw is based around a slogan; \u201cthe ultimate driving machine\u201d. on the surface, it seems overly one dimensional, decidedly unimaginative.

positioning & target consumers. bmw target consumer profile & brand positioning (who & what). in 2010 bmw group when customers see this, they feel powerful and trustworthy. therefore, whenever consumers see bmw bmw segmentation, targeting and positioning can be specified as the base of the marketing efforts of, bmw marketing, bmw brand personality, bmw brand image, bmw marketing mix

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