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in smaller teams, the product manager can essentially be a team of one. sometimes, the best approach is to be transparent and provide a roadmap for your customers and prospects to look at. you can choose between different views, including the standard gantt and kanban, and also a multidimensional chart, showing your priorities. however, once you adapt wrike to your workflow, you’ll find that it’s a powerful way of aligning your product team, and keeping track of who is doing what. you can choose the one that suits your needs. you can then create user stories using the feedback, before adding them to projects and features on your roadmap.

you can share the roadmap with customers and stakeholders, but currently only as a pdf file. as for sharing your roadmap, you can create different views of the same roadmap and then share it with different stakeholders. roadmunk gives the power to the product team to create a view of the roadmap for everyone. that means you can share a high-level roadmap with your stakeholders, and a more granular roadmap with your dev team. you can also connect trello to a range of different product management tools, including airfocus and github. once you make your roadmap, you can share it with your stakeholders, which is easy thanks to the unlimited viewer accounts included in every plan. there are a lot of product roadmap tools to choose from.

and, for a long time, i used excel, powerpoint or word (in that order) to create these roadmaps. an ex-boss once told me, “microsoft excel can do everything!”. i think i took it rather seriously — i perspired, persevered, and picked up a few skills in excel. skip forward to a year ago when i saw a colleague do something amazing. i was blown away; it’d have taken me an hour or two to do the same thing in a spreadsheet! so, i looked high and low for better tools to create visual roadmaps for projects and product development. is a fantastic solution if you want to create a product roadmap. it covers the why, what, and when of your product development — giving your engineering team a clear understanding before they start developing the next big thing. productplan is a beautiful way to show off your project plans and roadmaps.

you can lay out your product strategy in a format that shows the big picture to your boss while also allowing your development team to work on the little details that matter for every project milestone. you can also import data from csv files, drag and drop things to change/update your product roadmap, and even attach files and notes to collaborate with your team. prioritize tasks, assign them to your team, and turn your product management into a collaborative effort. of course, you can also share your product roadmap with the management team in a visual format that works everywhere. it focuses on simplicity and being intuitive using a flow chart-like ui. plan your project (or product development) as a series of steps and then assign tasks to your team. as a project or product manager, have you tried any of these tools? do you use a fantastic roadmap tool that i haven’t covered? create visual, easy to understand roadmaps for your development efforts, and get your team on flock so you can share, communicate, and collaborate — faster.

the product roadmap tools we’re going to look at are: airfocus. wrike. aha! productboard. roadmunk. productplan. trello. portfoleon. 5 roadmap tools for smart pms i’ve managed to shortlist a few good ones, listed here in no particular order. roadmunk makes visualizing product roadmaps easier for everyone. the best free product roadmap tools. here are a few free product roadmapping tools to choose from if, free product roadmap tool, free product roadmap tool, product roadmap template, roadmap tool jira, product roadmap visualization.

build lovable products with the world’s #1 roadmap software. aha! roadmaps is a product management suite and the best jira. our development team prefers jira for project management. this software also allows creating how to build a product roadmap: the 5 best product roadmap software solutions airfocus — the only software to offer, product plan, software product planning, google roadmap tool, product roadmap website

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