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the “smart” part is the twist – we consider a smart trainer to be one that allows your speed and power to directly interact with the app or program you are cycling to. a smart cycling app is a program or live stream that allows you to interact with the workout in a two-way manner. smart trainers allow you to train on your own bike (versus a gym bike or a stationary bike) in the comfort — and safety — of your own home. unless you are using a power meter and bike computer, it is hard to do a wattage-based workout the way that you easily can on a smart trainer and app setup. the carbon fiber frame is stiff and responsive, much better than perhaps what you are used to in a stationary bike. we love saris products, and in fact their fluid 2 is our top of the old-fashioned bike trainers on the market. it is a good trainer that will offer the ability to ride with zwift, trainerroad, and other apps, but let you do it at a pretty nice price. it is an app-based system that runs on either a pc or an apple device, once you download the app and subscribe to the $10 a month software.

your riding is then streamed to the instructors so they can see how you are doing, and in some cases call you out as if you were in the room. the part you don’t have to worry about is the smart part — it will find your wi-fi and bluetooth with no effort from you. this is not really a tv, but a small device about the size of a steak that allows you to stream any app to your tv. a smart trainer allows you to be much more precise with your rides, but to get the full effect out of it, you will want to do a baseline-type of ride on every app that you use. it will not give you the same experience as a smart trainer, and if at all possible we recommend trying to at least getting to the level of the $600 magnus (shown above). if you have invested in a nice triathlon bike and want it to be the basis for your year-round training, then getting a setup where you can put your bike on the trainer makes a lot of sense. also, we think it makes sense to go with a company who is showing signs of growth and strength, so you can be sure the workouts you decide to do and the community you join will be around for a while. with the peloton, you will need to buy the $2,000 bike, have it delivered for $250, and then pay $480 a year for the subscription.

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