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the company – which is owned by rihanna – launched in 2017 with a 100% digital campaign, largely geared around instagram and influencer content. content marketing has been at the heart of birchbox’s strategy from its launch in 2010, with the brand placing just as much focus on helpful and informative content as it does the products themselves. l’oreal has been shifting its focus online in the past few years, reportedly allocating 30% of its media spend to digital channels in 2016. one of its biggest digital initiatives has been the ‘beauty squad’ campaign, which involves a number of influencers creating youtube videos and articles on the latest beauty trends.

meanwhile, it gives l’oreal the opportunity to create the kind of content that users are searching for online – which is mainly beauty tips, advice and tutorials. the travel industry fascinates me; not just because like everyone else i love a good holiday and some time in the sun, but it’s also one of the most competitive industries when it comes to the serps. there’s click fraud, for example, which for years has been a thorn in the side of marketers using pay-per-click advertising channels.

currently, instagram is the social media platform where the overwhelming majority of beauty brand interactions take place. over 90% of beauty brand interactions took place on instagram in 2015, compared to 8.6% on facebook and 1.1% on twitter. the brand has shifted more of its media spending to online channels in recent years, and one of its most popular digital initiatives was its beauty squad campaign. this campaign was a partnership with several influencers who worked with the brand to create youtube videos and articles about beauty trends. the company makes use of user-generated content and launched its own annual face awards, an online makeup competition for beauty video bloggers to showcase their skills, with the winner being decided by the audience. the competition is a great way to generate buzz about the brand while getting the social media audience invested in the outcome.

the footage they used was designed to be urban in feel, with plenty of cityscapes, city lights and movement, plus an overall message of owning one’s own individuality. fenty, owned by rihanna, launched in 2017 with an entirely digital campaign that focused heavily on instagram and influencer content. hair product brand bumble and bumble invested heavily in tutorials and how-tos and gave a push to its social media presence by collaborating with lifestyle publisher coveteur. partnering with an appropriate publishing company enabled bumble and bumble to mix content and commerce in an effective, appealing manner. the power of the strong social media campaign is evident in these and other beauty brand online strategies, and brands in many other industries can learn from them. hangar12 is at the forefront of cpg marketing strategy and more.

fenty’s digital launch. no brand has had a bigger impact on beauty in the last couple of years than fenty. birchbox’s magazine. benefit’s ‘browmobile’ competition. nyx #faceawards. l’oreal’s beauty squad. glossier’s instagram. lancôme’s ’40 shades’ rimmel’s ‘live the london look’ l’oréal. nyx. nyx is owned by l’oréal, and its digital strategy has created a strong, almost cult-like online following. rimmel. rimmel had great success with its #livethelondonlook campaign in 2017, which featured four leading influencers, including male beauty blogger lewys ball. fenty. bumble and bumble / coveteur. we saw some truly fantastic posts and campaigns from beauty brands this year. let’s get into the brands, .

pulling off a head-turning social media campaign in the cosmetics space like one of the 25 buzziest beauty brands of 5 skincare brands we love on social media #1 cult beauty #2 drunk elephant #3 krave beauty #4 beauty brands are disrupting the social space. see which cosmetic one glittery ad is eye-catching. many glittery ads looking for other content to improve your social campaigns? you might also be,

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