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an effective roadmap design hinges on the deliberate use of visual elements and copy to turn your vision into a consumable, actionable plan. but when it comes time to present your roadmap, take a moment to consider that your audience might be seeing your roadmap for the very first time. milestones and key dates both provide the ability to add an extra layer of context and detail to a visual roadmap. when there are different levels of ‘stuff,’ the audience is able to scan through quicker and discern the important bits. 2. external milestones mark significant events that aren’t a result of the activities on your roadmap, and maybe not even of your organization. they can be used to call out important events within a roadmap item, like the due date of a deliverable.

each key date indicates that a team needs to determine whether they can or cannot move forward based on the status of important deliverables, risk analysis, available resources, etc. the roadmap now instantly highlights that a team is focusing heavily on retention in q1 and new features in q2. a roadmap uses color to make it attractive. the power of color lies in its magical ability to convey relationships. a timeline pivoted on department, neatly grouping items for each team, can show your audience that in the above case your strategy’s key component is integrations, thanks to the prominence of blue-colored items across all departments. roadmaps are a visual medium to showcase how your strategy is going to play out over time.

as you can see in the product roadmap template above, they use icons and color to organize the information. this is the first thing that a reader will see, and it sets the tone for the whole roadmap. a genuine visual approach like this can help your team feel like they are working on something that matters to the company. it takes a few minutes to complete but will save you many hours and headaches in the future. it would all be a jumbled mess, and the reader would focus on the poor design instead of the content. this can be achieved with a unified product roadmap template, like the example above.

in the example above, you can see how there are a ton of approval hurdles that they have to navigate. as you can see in the product roadmap template above, they use a singular star to highlight their launch date. and as you can see in this product roadmap template, each experiment or project has a specified owner. use a scorecard or grading system to show what level of polish you want on each step. in other words, life will happen and the product roadmap will need to be updated a few times. here at venngage, we use a product roadmap to plan out all of our projects and ideas.

a roadmap should — and this is going to sound banal — be pretty. a visual roadmap is a communication tool. they’ most of the roadmap examples we have seen so far have been pretty straightforward. they all build beautiful roadmaps. plan, visualize, and communicate your strategy with airtable, the all-in-one collaboration, product roadmap, product roadmap, roadmap template, product roadmap template, free roadmap template.

an it strategy roadmap lays out the direction of it efforts that span across an create beautiful roadmaps in your roadmap is not just a pretty picture — click any element to enter more details. beautiful. customize your — present beautiful roadmap plans with ease. by jessica groff. you have one chance. the, project roadmap template, product roadmap example, product design roadmap, roadmunk

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