atlassian roadmap

track dependencies across multiple teams and projects to get ahead of dependencies and blockers across your organization. keep your goals on track by accounting for whether your teams have bandwidth to complete the work they’ve scoped. create multiple versions of your roadmap to account for different options or best and worst case scenarios. jira align roadmaps support the complex environments of large enterprises with hundreds of teams and thousands of developers, connecting work in progress to strategic objectives. advanced roadmaps is designed for managing work at both the team and cross-team level. the basic roadmap works with both jira software next-gen and classic projects.

advanced roadmaps is a jira software cloud premium feature that’s designed to help multiple teams collaborate together, track the big picture, identify dependencies across large pieces of work, and plan for team capacity. if you’re an existing jira software cloud customer, you can start a free jira software premium trial by switching your plan to premium in your ‘manage subscriptions’ settings. the basic roadmap is available to all customers on jira software cloud. it allows enterprises to aggregate team-level data and makes all work visible across your enterprise in real-time. all layers of scale are connected, and everyone can get on the same page to determine scope, roadmaps and dependencies across teams and portfolios. the basic roadmap is only available in jira software cloud.

when used in agile development, a roadmap provides crucial context for the team’s everyday work and should be responsive to shifts in the competitive landscape. items on the roadmap should be clearly linked to your product strategy, and your roadmap should be responsive to changes in customer feedback and the competitive landscape. internal roadmap for sales: these roadmaps focus on new features and customer benefits in order to support sales conversations. the biggest benefit of the product roadmap is the strategic vision it illustrates to all stakeholders.

once these factors are understood, the product owner can work with their team to start prioritizing initiatives and epics on the roadmap. presenting the roadmap is a great opportunity to demonstrate to key stakeholders that you understand the company’s strategic objectives, the needs of your customer, and have a plan to meet them both. however, on the flip side, you don’t want to spend more time updating the roadmap than is necessary to achieve alignment between stakeholders and within your team. remember, the roadmap is a planning tool to think through how to build great products.

roadmaps in jira software two roadmapping solutions to help you stay on target to achieve your goals roll your work what is a product roadmap and why do you need one? learn more about product roadmaps, how agile teams can use the atlassian roadmap contains forward-looking statements which involve uncertainties when providing estimated, .

the roadmap is where you can create, manage and visualize your team’s epics. roadmaps are useful you and your team have tons of product features you want to launch in the next year or so. use this product roadmap the atlassian roadmap contains forward-looking statements, which involve uncertainties when providing estimated,

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