asana feature roadmap

product roadmapping in asana is simple, and allows you to prioritize work, document a backlog, and give stakeholders a high-level view of progress. follow along with the article to build your own product roadmap project, and take a look at other resources directly below. add members to the project. start a project conversation to let everyone know what’s coming up in the next month, quarter, etc. to ensure that your product roadmap maps to your company’s overall objectives, you can create a drop-down custom field that has all objectives or goals listed, and select the one that best corresponds to the feature. add custom fields to your product roadmap by clicking the blue add custom fields link at the top of your project.

from here you can create and manage your custom fields for objective drop-downs, or whatever other data you need to track. use calendar filtering to sort by your roadmap project’s custom fields to quickly spot top priorities, launch types in the works, and more. add another section (list layout) or column (board layout) of the roadmap called “product opportunities” where people can submit ideas and feature requests. if you have a product feedback project with ideas for product opportunities, store tasks in both projects so you can add them to your roadmap, too. building and iterating on a product can be complex, but creating and sharing your roadmap with your company is simple in asana. empower volunteers to help you achieve your mission by simplifying the process to source, approve, onboard, and manage them—all in asana. asana doesn’t work with the internet browser you are currently using.

marketers rely on product innovation to tell a compelling story to customers, which is why marketing teams need to be constantly up to date with what’s on the product roadmap. use one project in asana as the source of truth for the product roadmap across your product and marketing teams. using asana to track your product launches will ensure everyone knows what is happening, when it’s happening, and who’s responsible for all the different pieces of work. if tasks in your launch planning are dependent on one another, you can mark tasks as dependent on one another so they are completed in the right order. your copywriters, social media managers, and email marketers can all begin on their respective subtasks and keep the launch on schedule.

create project plans that show how each piece of your launch project fits together and adjust your plans as work changes to hit your deadlines with timeline. if you need to move tasks them, just drag and drop them to adjust your plan. see how they can work for your team by trialing asana premium for free.try premium dependencies and timeline are critical to plan your roadmap. see how they can work for your team by trialing asana premium for free. keep a reference task in the launches roadmap project that links to the new project so the launch is accounted for in your roadmap. your entire team will know where to look for upcoming product releases and real-time changes to the launch schedule.

see our product vision like you’ve never seen it before including a sneak peek at all the exciting new features we’re get that product to all teams; make asana the best company at doing 1 & 2. our mission and strategy stay consistent over asana shares future product roadmap: automatic project scheduling, resource planning, okr tracking., .

what is a product roadmap and how to do it in asana? it should describe the strategy and vision it how to build a live asana-github product roadmap with unito; tips to better manager your roadmap. note that, while this the new product adds goals and subgoals in a way that’s designed to make it easy for managers to,

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