amazon launch strategy

over the years there have been a number of different strategies that are designed to help amazon sellers launch a new product. if you’re hoping to launch (and sell) a product on amazon, you first need to make sure that there’s room in the market for your product. as competition on amazon has increased, so has the importance of “launches” as a way to create some space between you and your competitors. there are a number of contemporary techniques that allow you to gently massage the purchasing experience.

the way it works is by directing customers to find your product with a specific keyword. you can also capitalize on the increased prevalence of influencer marketing to put your product front and center by assigning a discount code to an influencer in your niche then requiring them to link to your product listing. it’s important to remember that these reviews are the life-blood of a product launch. the most important thing is that it ultimately gets in the way of taking the correct steps that will lead to a long-running, sustainable amazon business. one of the best ways to be a part of the vibrant amazon selling community is through helium 10’s facebook members group and amazon fba high-rollers group.

with that said, an awesome and unique product that fulfills a market need is far more likely to succeed than an ill thought-out shot from the hip, regardless of launch strategy. the obvious win in this instance is to source from a local supplier, but in many cases, this isn’t possible and is too late if your products are being manufactured already. but of course, there is a high price to pay for the service. sometimes it can be highly advantageous to target a long-tail keyword and get the number one spot in the search results. this is an easier way to get initial sales in a competitive niche, and once you have some sales you can optimize for higher competition keywords.

to be eligible for a+ you need to be in the amazon brand registry. but this is a risky area in relation to amazon’s tos and as such i would not advise you to take this course of action. i’ve found this to be the most expensive of the three options and thus largely unsuitable for amazon product launch purposes. you may want to consider pinterest ads if your niche is suitable for the platform. these can be leveraged to build an active community, and that can give your amazon product launch a substantial boost. build a following on youtube that you can send to your amazon listing at launch.

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