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the focus of this roadmap will be on assisting those project teams evaluating some of the “agile” practices found in one of these methods to see how they are addressed by the more complete software development process defined by rup. these xp activities are performed using a set of practices that require the performance of additional activities, which map to some of the other disciplines in the rup. when we tailor the rup for a small project and reduce the artifact requirements accordingly, how does this compare to the equivalent of artifacts in an xp project? woven through the rup as it’s described in terms of lifecycle, artifacts, and activities are “best practices”: software engineering principles proven to yield quality software built to predictable schedule and budget.

actually, as noted earlier, xp’s activities are closer in scope to the rup’s disciplines than to the rup’s activities, and much of what happens on an xp project (in addition to its four basic activities) will come from the elaboration and application of its practices. references are made to these roles in some of the other xp books as well. the rup will accommodate projects that both fit and are beyond the scope of xp in scale and kind. this is important in all projects and is certainly applicable to those projects using rup.

agile unified process (aup) is a simplified version of the rational unified process (rup) developed by scott ambler. similarly to agile approaches, the rational unified process (rup) is iterative and incremental. however, rup is more still taking a rational unified process (rup)-based approach? we recommend transitioning to the disciplined agile, rup vs agile, rup vs agile, agile methodology, rup methodology, agile unified process.

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