agile methodology in android

before understanding what agile methodology for mobile app development is one needs to understand the process of mobile app development. the factors which need to be in place are mobile application development is the product of a large amount of the work done by specialists from different fields, and most importantly the constant negotiation between the client and the mobile app development company. agile mobile app development methodology is one of the most effective approaches to all the software development businesses, it ensures a proper channel of communication, which helps both the clients and app developers execute the desired mobile application or infact any software. the characteristics of agile methodology makes an easy job for mobile app development so that the mobile application outcome is adaptable after its release. i’m we’ve had some decent overview of the agile methodology and we already know it sounds perfect for your mobile app development, but how much better is it compared to waterfall methodology.

this means that as each of the eight stages (conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, implementation and maintenance) are completed, the developers move on to the next step. there is absolutely no room for errors or changes, so a project outcome and an extensive plan must be set in the beginning and then it should be followed carefully. the agile methodology, on the other hand is really flexible, and allows for changes to be made in the project development requirements even after the initial planning has been completed therefore, if you are planning to develop a software that would require frequent overhauls and has to keep up with the technology landscape and customer requirements, agile methodology is the best thing to follow, if you ask me. i could keep on writing more about the agile methodology, but let’s just understand where it is actually needed in a few points agile methodology is any day recommended compare to any other methodology and one should definitely go for it, if you are into mobile app development. author bio : hamad almuraikhi is the founder and ceo of edesk hub, a research and review platform that offers vetted and verified references and reviews on high quality web and mobile app development companies with varied experience.

as mobile application development is becoming the new trend in the business world, the competition to enter the mobile market has intensified. here are 9 reasons to choose agile for your mobile app development project in the case of the agile model, the complete mobile app project is divided into smaller modules which are treated like independent sub-projects. in other words, the methodology enables a mobile app development company to make changes to any particular sprint without disturbing the code of the previous sprints. it also helps mobile app developers to inspect the app elements at every stage of the development process and make adjustments as per the requirement, eventually helping in delivering a higher quality of services.

the agile mobile app development approach puts a strong emphasis on people and collaboration, which renders the development team with an opportunity to work closely with their clients and understand their vision. the agile mobile app development approach also provides developers with an opportunity to customize their development process. this aids the app owners and associated mobile app development company to take the right decision for gaining better roi in the market. however, it is required that everyone is well aware of the end goal and contributes to this approach wisely. being someone who stays updated with the latest tech trends, she’s always armed to write and spread the knowledge.

before understanding what agile methodology for mobile app development is one needs to understand if you are someone who is familiar with android app development languages and the follow the agile methodology is an incremental and iterative mobile application development approach, where it has been and will continue to be a milestone in app development methodologies. android app, . the agile methodology for mobile application development seeks to provide an alternative to traditional methods of project management such as the waterfall methodology. this iterative and flexible approach can be used in complex projects where the customer requirements change frequently.

strictly speaking, agile is a development methodology based on incremental and iterative approach. since agile app development methodology consists of a few short cycles (2-3 weeks each), there is a what is agile methodology? today, agile is the product development approach in which the complete,

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