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advertising means more than simply communicating the name, price or address of your small business, product or service to potential buyers. for example, carmakers rarely advertise the number of cylinders in their engines or what type of brakes a car offers as their main selling points. they attempt to “brand” their autos by selling a particular benefit, such as reliability, status, affordability or safety. ads that encourage potential customers to buy a specific product or service are known as retail ads. these ads often include specific products, their prices, sales dates, coupons and a call to action. these ads are often nothing more than a list of products with prices, often pointing out the discounts offered.

these ads create an image in the mind of consumers about the product or service. nike’s goal was to position itself as a maker of athletics shoes, clothing and accessories for consumers who were serious about exercise, sports, competition or training. many perfume or cologne commercials feature bizarre sets, lighting and close-ups of models saying things completely unrelated to the product in an attempt to brand the product as hip or cutting edge. if a restaurant advertises on the internet, in a local newspaper and with direct mail to local residents, it can judge which worked the best by the number of coupons or flyers customers bring into the eatery. he has worked in the corporate and nonprofit arenas as a c-suite executive, serving on several nonprofit boards. he has been published in print publications such as entrepreneur, tennis, si for kids, chicago tribune, sacramento bee, and on websites such, smartycents and youthletic.

to make the most of your limited advertising dollars, you need to establish clear advertising objectives and make use of low-cost but effective advertising strategies. one advertising objective is to demonstrate the effectiveness of a product or its ease of use. a common example is the “before and after” technique, which shows how well a product cleans, improves appearances or enhances quality of life. businesses may use advertising for the objective of building a company or brand image. car dealers use advertising to establish a reputation for fairness and honesty. an advertising objective may be to alter the perceptions of the public.

a business that has developed a reputation in the community for treating customers poorly can use advertising to tout its new customer-service policy. a typical small-business advertising strategy is to make use of special promotions. participating in blogs that pertain to your business is a strategy that allows you to interact with potential buyers. you can also create a blog of your own. use a low-cost media strategy to reach a targeted group of customers. these publications typically charge less for advertising space than regular daily newspapers, and you’ll also attract the attention of other small-business owners who could make use of your services.

examples of advertising strategies highlight your benefits regardless of what media you choose, sell the benefits of there is no shortage of co-branding partnerships, but several more recent examples demonstrate 10 of the best marketing strategy examples to power your campaigns 1. bounty: surprise your, .

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