advanced bodybuilding program

by now you should have mastered the basic exercises and have a fair grasp of what machines and specialty-exercises work for you and which doesn’t. it may feel a bit unusual at first, but as you get used to this type of mix-and-match workouts you’ll appreciate the flexibility. it gives more leeway during the bulk-phase, allowing you to eat the stuff you want for 6 months or so, but on the other hand you have to suffer a few months of tight dieting and cardio afterwards to burn off the body fat you accumulated. though many manufacturers are switching to ephedra-free formulas, the classic fat burner is a combination of ephedrine/caffeine/aspirin (“e/c/a”) that works synergistically to pump up your metabolism and help you burn more calories. gaba is classified as a neurotransmitter and has the added bonus of helping you sleep and rest better, which could translate to better workouts.

you have to be dedicated and persistent to become a successful bodybuilder, but there are times when you need to back off. don’t get mad when a beginner mindlessly stands too close to you while you’re doing your bicep curls, just take a step to the side and keep your focus on your workout. this is a security mechanism of the body; anything you’re strong enough to hoist over your head, you can at least give a controlled descent rather than have it crash down and crack your skull open. an example of the former would be doing bicep curls where you grab a dumbbell and only bend your elbow 45-60 degrees from start to stop through an entire set. in addition, you have a whole slew of new aspects of bodybuilding to learn and master, from pre-contest dieting to posing and choosing the right trunks. even if you don’t win you’ll at least have something to look back on to inspire you for your next diet or contest.

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