Is CR England a good trucking company

after completing a maneuver and asking for feedback i was told by my instructor that he had not paid attention (on the phone) and had no feedback. the risk is way too high to get involved with a company that wants you to fail and collect for the cost of training that is not professionally provided. i don’t recommend this school unless you have hundreds of dollars to support yourself while you are in school and waiting on a truck. anyone trying to get a cdl i advise you to get it on your own. it is up to you to study and up to you to get what you need out of it. that is the only thing they ask from you since they are paying everything for you to get your cdl and you don’t pay a penny for school. the management in burns harbor, assured me that they would have him locked up, loss of his cdl and would not be able to come back to the hotel or school.

i only had maybe an hour and a half behind the wheel in school out on the road and a half an hour of that was my testing. apparently the recruiter took it upon herself to push this through against my wishes and did not have my consent. england, and i was hired… the company promised to team me up with an experienced driver but all i got was a driver with just 2 months experience. i had to use my debit card to book a hotel and c.r. the nice gentleman told the police that my husband and his roommate were trying to jump him. the issue i have is that two weeks prior the “nice guy” displayed the same behavior to an ** instructor and nothing was done. in my opinion, if there is a situation that threatens the safety of students, the threat needs to be addressed and removed. with everything that is going on in the world and a lot of it being directed to **, this is not something to be taken lightly and not addressed.

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