Does neurofeedback work for ADHD

thus, research and the development of non-pharmacological treatments such as neurofeedback have been recommended. [4•] in this contribution, we will introduce neurofeedback and review the application of neurofeedback to adhd as well as its past and current evidence in the treatment of adhd. the pipeline includes the five most important processing steps and parts of a neurofeedback system it has been proposed that neurofeedback is based on principles of operant conditioning and procedural skills learning. these developments were motivated by the discovery of the anticonvulsant effects of sensori-motor rhythm (smr) neurofeedback in cats [22] and subsequently humans [23].

studies suggest that smr neurofeedback training reduces inattentive and hyperactive/impulsive symptoms in adhd children to the same extent as tbr training and comparable number of treatment sessions. as an illustration, neurofeedback treatments such as the earlier mentioned smr, tbr, and scp neurofeedback are well-investigated and effective in the treatment of adhd while other approaches such as posterior alpha enhancement have been found to be not effective (for a review, see [3]. this study consists of a cross-site investigation team with different background of adhd treatment approaches assessing 140 participants in total (see the study design in [51]), and results are foreseen to be published in 2019. although standard protocols turn out to be efficacious and specific, the practical implementation of neurofeedback as a clinical therapy is currently not regulated. recent years witness a renewed interest in neurofeedback in response to the lack of long-term effects for both medication and behavioral therapy and the side effects of medication. in short, tasks ahead concern regulating neurofeedback as therapy, developing internationally accepted binding standards for education and nf implementation and the qualification of neurofeedback trainers.

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