4ps of green marketing

to be most successful, a commitment to sustainability should be part of the company’s overall vision and an integral part of the company’s values and fundamental beliefs. green marketing companies seek to go above and beyond traditional marketing by promoting environmental core values in the hope that consumers will associate these values with their company or brand. it is the cornerstone of a sustainable economy. general electric, in particular, is noteworthy for its pledge to double its investments in the research and development of environmentally friendlier technologies. according to a 2011 study by ogilvyearth titled “mainstream green,” consumers can be subdivided and segmented behaviorally and psychographically by their level of “green intensity.” hardcore green consumers who only purchase sustainable products are called “super greens” and represent about 16 percent of the market. consumer packaged goods are a type of good that is consumed every day by the average consumer. this is often referred to as “cube optimization.” cube optimization means right-sizing packages and fitting orders into packaging dimensions that are as small as possible without threatening the integrity of the order.

and marketers of sustainable products and services need to ensure the price and value equation is right for maximum success. place is where the product can be purchased and includes how the product is distributed to the purchase location. promotion is the communication tools and tactics that a company uses to promote and market their product. it is best to use a mix of promotion vehicles to most effectively and efficiently reach the target market and consistently apply the branding and messaging to maximize awareness. blake mycoskie started toms shoes on the premise that for every pair of shoes sold, one pair would be donated to a child in need. pop-up stores are portable store kiosks that are used to catch consumers in high-visibility locations and are only on display for a short period of time. the brand built its presence first in a local market then spread out to the region and then moved to the next local market; the brand then positioned itself to grow into the next region.

the products have to be developed depending on the needs of the customers who prefer environment friendly products. green chemistry forms the growing focus of product development. it is marketing its air jordan shoes as environment-friendly, as it has significantly reduced the usage of harmful glue adhesives. it has designed this variety of shoes to emphasize that it has reduced wastage and used environment-friendly materials. value can be added to it by changing its appearance, functionality and through customization, etc. green place is about managing logistics to cut down on transportation emissions, thereby in effect aiming at reducing the carbon footprint.

this avoids shipping of the product from far away, thus reducing shipping cost and more importantly, the consequent carbon emission by the ships and other modes of transport. green promotion involves configuring the tools of promotion, such as advertising, marketing materials, signage, white papers, web sites, videos and presentations by keeping people, planet and profits in mind. toyota is trying to push gas/electric hybrid technology into much of its product line. international business machines corporation (ibm) has revealed a portfolio of green retail store technologies and services to help retailers improve energy efficiency in their it operations. the center piece of this portfolio is the ibm surepos 700, a point-of-sale system that, according to ibm, reduces power consumption by 36% or more. green marketer can attract customers on the basis of performance, money savings, health and convenience, or just plain environmental friendliness, so as to target a wide range of green consumers. positing of profiles related to green marketing on social networks creates awareness within and across online peer groups.

these companies use the four pscombination of product, price, place ( distribution), and promotion that encompass the four sub-variables of the green marketing mix partially affect the purchasing decisions of panasonic abstract. green marketing as an area has not been a recent activity. if critically examined our, .

just as we have 4ps product prices, place and promotion in marketing, we have 4ps in green marketing too, but they mix (the 4 green ps) just as the traditional 4ps of marketing, companies have come up with green ps, to cope with. 5. marketing mix of green marketing just as we have 4ps (product prices, place and promotion) in,

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