400 meter hurdle workout plan

this workout is the one i use to predict what the range of the athletes’ race times should be for that week’s meet. so, if the athlete averages 42.0 for his 300s, the projected race time would be in the range of 56.0. i also like repeat 200s as a 400 hurdle workout as well, except with more repeats and less recovery. in the early part of the off-season, you might not want to add any hurdles at all. each sprint would be timed, and the goal would be to keep the second rep of each sprint as fast as the first rep. for this workout, having a teammate to push you to fast times is virtually essential.

so, if the athlete’s goal is to run a 40.0 in the next meet, then, in this workout he will want to come across the 300m mark in 42, and finish the 400 in 58. i’ll have the athletes do two reps of these with an 8-10 minute rest between each one. in the workout, the athlete does a series of reps covering anywhere from 100 to 400 meters, setting up four to seven hurdles at race height, and staggering the distance between them anywhere from ten to thirty meters apart. as most curve-hurdling problems do not occur on the crown of the curve, setting the hurdles up at the top and the bottom of the curve will force you to deal with the balance issues you would have to deal with in a race. in this workout, you sprint the straight-aways and jog the curves, running a total of anywhere between two to four miles, sprinting and jogging combined. since the basic difference between a hurdler and a sprinter is that a hurdler has to negotiate barriers while sprinting, having hurdles in the way during workouts always keeps you tuned in to that fact.

400m with 10 hurdles – 30inches for women, 36inches for men. • 45m to first my personal 400m hurdle journey work on perfecting the optimal race plan based on speed and endurance. an equivalent workout for 400 hurdlers would be to run repeat 300s over the first eight hurdles, with similar recovery 400 hurdle training philosophy. ▫ train the athlete sprint pr’s from 400m hurdle athletes on the all-time list: women. ▫ 52.34 (1) in-season weekly schedule. ✕ mon – 3-4 x fly-in , 400m hurdles training program pdf, 400m hurdles training program pdf, 300 hurdle training plan, sprint hurdles training program, 400 meter sprint workouts.

the 400 m hurdle race is a complex athletic competition (mcfarlane, 2000). to achieve an optimal program design. you’ll need to count backward about nine months from your track season to tune your workout with coach george williams planning everything for him, as he has for the past 13 years, jackson , 400 meter training plan, 110m hurdles training program pdf, 400m hurdles race strategy, how to run 300m hurdles

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